2nd Chance!!  
28th August 2021

Qigong Meditation and Taichi Workshop
(기공 • 태극권 / 氣功 • 太極拳)

Saturday,28th August 2021
2pm~4pm (2 hours)

• Understand:
You will clearly understand Qi, Qigong, Taichi, history and philosophy of Taichi, Types of Taichi and their differences, the Benefit of Qigong-Taichi etc.

• Experience:
You will experience Yin-Yang stretching, Still-Qigong meditation and Moving-Qigong meditation.

• Observe :
You will observe Qigong meditation, Chen style Taichi and Yang style Taichi performed by acupuncturist Jake Park.

K- Style Tea, cold drink & buns will be served.

Participants in this workshop will..
1) be prioritized to be members of the official Qigong-Taichi course, from September.
2) get a discount on the course fee.

Ticket Price $40

-To buy a ticket, send me your interest via email,text or fb message.
(Apologies for limited number of tickets)

021 180 5782

" While you do workout for your BODY, what do you do for your MIND? Qigong/Taichi will give great benefit to both for you"


This workshop tickets
(21st August)
(2nd workshop will be coming)