Jake Park

NZ Registered Acupuncturist, ACC Provider
BHSc of TCM, Diploma in Health Care

I come from a long line of doctors in Korea. After moving to New Zealand, I completied NZQA's Health Care Diploma Course, later obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science, TCM/Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. These qualifications compliment my traditional Korean acupuncture training under Master Lee.

I am specifically interested in - and specialize in - pain management related to muscular skeletal diseases, and psycho-emotional diseases. My principle in practice is that acupuncture is more than just sticking needles on the body; it's based on traditional Eastern philosophy and scientific study of disease from the Western perspective.

Make yourself comfortable

We have a warm and inviting location in central New Plymouth. From handmade doorknobs to the handcrafted bench in the waiting room - everything at Reborn Acupuncture Clinic has a touch of love and care.

We offer a special, intimate service unlike many acupuncture clinics by helping just one client at a time. This ensures you are heard and cared for to the best of our ability. Our clinic room is cozy and offers heating and adjustable lighting so your visit will be one of relaxation and rejuvenation.

‌There is an understanding in traditional oriental medicine that one disease can have many types of treatments, and one treatment can help many types of diseases

‌Reborn Acupuncture Clinic

‌Jake Park and brother Professor Jay Park

‌Meet my brother! He's an M.D., PhD., Respiratory Specialist at Gil Medical Center,
Gachon University in Korea

‌Jake Park and sister-in-law Dr Amy Jang

‌Meet my sister-in-law! She's an M.D., Pediatric Specialist,
Director of ARD Family Clinic in Korea

‌Guest Speaking at Rotary Club in New Plymouth

‌‌Guest Speaking at Rotary Club in New Plymouth